Moisturizing And Repairing —— Glycerin, Cocamide MEA, Peony Seed Oil

Glycerin, which is a colorless, odorless liquid usually derived from coconut oil, palm oil, and soybeans. At the same time it is also a moisturizer, nourishes and conditions the hair, leaving it soft and frizz-free.

Cocamide MEA, it is a non-ionic surfactant, cleaning agent. Excellent foaming and thickening properties, moisturizing, regulating and purifying the scalp.

Peony Seed Oil, which contains VE, VC, carotene and other nutrients, can improve hair split ends, knots, dryness and other problems, and play a role in moisturizing and smoothing.

Antibacterial – Peony Root Extract, Citric Acid

Peony Root Extract, which can prevent the environment or hair grease and dirt from breeding bacteria on the scalp, and play an antibacterial role in protecting the scalp.

Citric Acid, it is beneficial to maintain the acid-base balance of the scalp and protect the health of the scalp. In addition, it can also solve the problem of static dry hair, making the hair smoother.

At the same time, it can change the PH value of the shampoo, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and antibacterial.

Mild - Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, it is rich in “Cystine”, which maintains the curl of the hair and reduces the loss of nutrients and moisture from the scalp.

Anti-itch and anti-dandruff - basil leaf extract, menthol

Basil Leaf Extract, Essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, polyphenols contained in basil oil make our hair more shiny. It can effectively improve hair frizz, greasy and itchy scalp and other problems.

Menthol, which is weakly acidic, can protect the scalp to a certain extent, promote the activation of scalp hair follicle tissue, and protect hair. Not only can it promote hair growth, but it can also improve oily scalp or excessively dry hair, and restore scalp oil secretion to normal.

Anti-hair loss - Ginger Root Extract, Polygonum Multiflorum Extract, Orientalis Leaf Extract

Ginger Root Extract, it is rich in gingerol, it can promote blood circulation in the scalp, suppress itchy scalp, and improve rough and frizzy hair.

At the same time, it can promote scalp metabolism, activate hair follicle tissue, effectively prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

Polygonum Multiflorum Extract,it can nourish scalp hair follicles and hair, making hair tough and not easy to break.

At the same time, it can also supplement nutrients such as trace elements in the body, making the hair more black and shiny.

The Extract Of Arborvitae Leaves, it has the effect of promoting hair growth and blackening of white hair, and has the effect of nourishing blood and activating blood, which can effectively regulate the health of our hair.

At the same time, it can also inhibit the oil secretion of the scalp, prevent the growth of bacteria, and repair the scalp hair follicles.


Lavender petals, jasmine petals, cherry blossom petals, forget-me-not petals—whitening, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, soothe the nerves and help sleep

Lavender petals, it known as the "King of Herbs", have a fresh and elegant aroma, mild nature and low irritation. It can effectively remove the dirt and oil on the surface of the skin, discharge the toxins deposited on the skin, gradually dilute the stubborn melanin deposits on the skin, and take away the pores and the dirt left on the surface of the skin.

Cherry blossom petals, jasmine petals, and forget-me-not petals, they have the effect of shrinking pores and balancing oil, rich in natural vitamins A, B, E and cherry leaf flavonoids, deep cleansing and nourishing the skin, and can also improve dull complexion, leaving Skin is fair and even.

Rose essential oil and golden chamomile extract—repair skin barrier and improve dry skin

Rose essential oil, with a fragrant smell, can soothe emotions, relieve tension and depression, help fall asleep, and improve sleep quality. At the same time, it can strengthen the discharge of cytotoxins, promote the decomposition of melanin, and delay aging.

Golden chamomile, which contains flavonoid active ingredients and a variety of nutrients, can soothe sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, and slow down the secretion of oil on the skin surface.

Camellia extract - skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory

Camellia Extract, which contains vitamin C and essential trace elements for the skin, can effectively inhibit the deposition of melanin and metabolize the dirt in the skin.

Glycerin, Cocamide DEA—nourishing skin, moisturizing and locking water

Glycerin, cocamide DEA, they can effectively nourish and repair damaged skin cells, and can also lock the moisture in the skin to prevent it from losing, achieving the effect of moisturizing and replenishing water.


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